2013 Numerology, Astrology and Colour Insight

2013 Numerology, Astrology and Colour Insight

2013 – A spiritual awakening year! (written by Colour Mirrors)

Using the numbers of 20 & 13 and colours from the Colour Mirrors system

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20 is the number of awakenings. It is the colours of copper and magenta, copper being earth and magenta being heaven.

We see 20 as a catalyst where both our earth and heaven/ material and spiritual aspects come together to expand our self-awareness by creating awakening opportunities for everyone.

And whatever number follows is the sign post to alert us to the specific ‘thing’ we will experience as an awakening event whether we are ready or not! This year it is the number 13, deep transformation and relates to the colour violet.

20 Awakenings

This year we will see many more people awaken to seek a different perspective on their lives than ever before and spiritual teachers will find themselves thinking back to the beginning of their own re-birth and able to guide the newly awakened souls from the roots up. Teachers who have agreed to help newly awakened souls, be mindful that you are at the top of a mountain and cannot therefore always teach all of them from that perspective.  You may have to reference the first steps you took when you awakened and use those early tools and techniques to help the initial stages of awakening with your pupils. Although it is back to ‘basics’ for some of us, it is necessary to set the process of transformation in motion, however, you will notice that what took you a year to master will take your pupils a month! Time and space have speeded up, so too has the self-realisation process.

13 Transformation

When this number comes up we can expect upheaval, rebirth, death, letting go and transformation at the deepest level. 13 is going to challenge us to look even more closely at the patterns that motivate and drive us unconsciously through life,to bring them up for examination and see them for what they are – old beliefs, old structures, old worn out ideas that we have held onto for the longest time because we knew nothing else. Most of these patterns are inherited through the gene pool and been the lifeexperiences of our ancestors. You are the one your ancestors have been waiting for and you have the power and knowledge to explore your patterns and letgo of the ones that no longer represent your truth. When you identify and then let go, you set yourself free and put into place a higher vibrational genetic record for the coming generations.

13 has always been the number of superstition, an unlucky number. But if we look at it from the perspective of 12 apostles and the 13th member is Christ their leader and teacher, 13 is the number of the one who holds the group energy and teaches. Teachers be ready, 2013 is going to push your buttons to teach. Spiritual teaching is very simply sharing what you already know.

13’s colour is violet, and violet is the colour of our spirit and more recently this colour has begun to enter our heart and throat chakras, which means our motivation to teach is supported by our spiritual highest good and we can therefore only channel pure divine love and speak impeccably.

13 Astrological Influences in the Shadow

13 relates to Scorpio and the planetoid Pluto. Both are symbolic of the need to go within deeper than before and to transform the shadow aspects. For example, Pluto of all the planets in our solar system is furthest away from earth, so we have to take time and take extreme measures to get to see it. That is very symbolic of what our shadow represents, it feels distant and so far away that we cannot always see it, and often it feel as if it requires too much energy to reach and pay any attention to it, but in a 13 year your shadow will strive to get your attention and you can no longer ignore the healing on offer.

What does it mean to heal the shadow?

For most of us it is the wounded inner child that still has the capacity to create chaos in our lives who was never validated, loved or cared for enough.For some of us it is entities we have attracted or created that ‘holds’ our unexpressed anger, frustrations and the times we have reined ourselves in from reacting physically when we were in vulnerable situations or experienced abuse and violations (victim or martyr patterns). Many of these shadow energies operating in our sub-conscious (we are unaware of the games they play!) act out patterns of passive aggressive behaviour or send out energy blasts akin to psychic attacks or sometimes just sits there creating havoc with our physical and mental health.

Healing the shadow is the last bit of the work that needs to happen to ensure we are clear and unconditional. It can take many years of self-searching, letting go, surrendering and acceptance. To work with the shadow side means we have to face our deepest darkest aspects and not be afraid of what we will find. There are many layers to explore and often we discover that the shadow was our most powerful teacher. This year seek out help, whether it is counselling or alternative therapies to help you reveal what lies in your shadow; it will change your life.

2013 Predictions relating to the Divine Feminine

We have entered into what is known as the sacred feminine divine energy. It marks the end of the masculine dominated patriarchal system we have experienced for the past +13 500 years. As the balance from masculine to feminine power settles into our realities, we are witnessing the last struggle of male dominated systems fighting to hold onto their ground. The shooting and bullying of women who want the right to an education, the church refusing women to serve in positions of spiritual leadership and so on, they are all a last ditch effortto cling to the old ways. However there is no turning back, this year you will see these last ditch efforts being challenged and a swift change in attitude towards women. The idea of birthing feminine energy is not to overthrow men, but for both men and women to access their feminine aspects and allow the divine female energy to be the new foundation. Divine female energy is about compassion, sensitivity, empathy, forgiveness and unconditional love.

Astrology News


Water Elemental



Astrologically we can also see signs of how the rest of our solar system is helping to anchor in the divine female energy. Astrologers report that Neptune will be in the sign of Pisces till the year 2024, dipping out into Aries and then back into Pisces for the last few months of 2025. Both Neptune and Pisces relate to the water elemental and we can expect more disruptions with floods in the northern hemisphere and water shortages in the southern hemisphere. Water has the power to change the landscape and the way we see our environment and how we fit into that space. An over-abundance of water or lack of water will serve as triggers to make changes to how we live within our environment and the impact our life style choices has on the planet. We will move away from wanting so much material ‘stuff’ and feel the need to live simpler lives.

Water also has the ability to bring up powerful emotions and help us to be emotionally available, vulnerable (in a good way) and let go of the detached way we tend to live where we do not know who our neighbours are. We will be encouraged to reconnect with each other and engage with our community from the heart. Setting up support or networking groups are examples of our need to share time and knowledge with one another. We will be forced to take a more active role and responsibility in caring for elderly or vulnerable family members. We can no longer detach ourselves from experiencing those deep feelings and emotional cycles where care and nurturing goes hand in hand with loss and grief.

The new era of Aquarius that we have entered as the next astrological 2000 year cycle, is the colour of Turquoise.Water and turquoise are good energies to connect with in meditations or creating vision boards when you visualise your future.We have now left the Piscean age (water sign) where travel by water reached a peak, in the Aquarian age (air sign) we will see more specialised air and space travel emerging. One of the visions I have been shown for the future is a travel method where we can shoot straight up (like a balloon or rocket) and hover for a period of time to give the earth time to rotate and then when we return land in the place we want to visit. Whether that would appeal to anyone is another story as spending any time space travelling is not for the faint-hearted!

Numerology for 2013: A 6 year


2+0+1+3 = 6

6 is the colour of pink, both number and colour refers to love, money, relationships, forgiveness, mothering and nurturing.

In a 6 year you will find yourself wanting to pay more attention to your nutrition, desire physical exercise and generally feel the need for fresh air. A good year to change your physical shape, lose or gain some pounds, buy those contact lenses and ditch the glasses, or invest in some lovely new creams and smelly things to pamper your body – don’t be surprised if you start a new beauty regime.

This is the year you fall in love, either with a new love or re-new the romance in your existing relationship. Love is a choice and in a 6 year its energies is going to boost you toward a more romantic life-style and send you many opportunities to exercise your ‘love choices’. This year give gifts of date-nights. To attract romance and love, you need to do this for yourself first, play the game that you are the most desirable and loving person and in love already – how would you treat that aspect of yourself? How would you romance yourself?

Money issues will be intensified this year, the best recipe is to love what you do and release any issues you still have around being abundant and financially powerful. Many lifetimes we played with financial power and often the abuse of having loads of that – now is the time to forgive yourself and move on – you are now spiritually aware enough and it is ok to have power and money and to have your money work for you. A course in financial management, budgeting, or simply how to manage your cash flow could be a step forward to make the commitment to a healthier bank balance.

Relationships in general will be a feature this year, in particular the one with your mother. Also expect to have your own mothering issues being aired and cleared out and a healthy shift in communicating with your children. Even if that means a commitment to learn and embrace their new technology!

Forgiveness is a key factor this year as you feel the need to move on from old stories. The concept of forgiveness may also be highlighted and you could find your beliefs around the act of forgiveness changing. Many of you who have evolved into the level of awareness where you are conscious that the person who did something wrong, was in fact a teacher who loved you enough at soul level to let you ‘get it’. Without the lessons, you would not be the person you have become with all the wondrous knowledge you now possess. Then maybe the person whom you think you should forgive was in actual fact only playing out a role so you can learn about being human. Is there really anything to forgive? Was it all not perfectly in plan with your soul’s purpose to learn from them?

A new era of Light – why colour is so important for 2013 and beyond

Many felt strangely let down by the quiet coming and going of the much predicted end to the world on 21 December 2012. The 21st December 2012 symbolically marked the actual time when we fully immersed in this photonic band of light, our solar system is now in a position where for the next 2000 years it will be subject to the full onslaught of brighter light and portals of lighter energy. Understanding light and its effects on our lives will put emphasis on healing systems that include colour. Every part of our lives is going to be influenced by the changing of light, the changing of colour vibrations.

If we bring together the two interpretations above of numerology 13 violet and 6 pink, we have the colours of the new heart chakra, an event in our evolution that Diana Cooper wrote about many years ago in her book ‘A little light on Ascension’. We have known for some time now that we are taking in higher vibrational colours into our chakra system that are replacing the denser colours. Almost as if the new part of space that we are occupying now, has raised our density to absorb more subtle and paler shades of the rainbow.

As we become more self-aware, so we are able to attract and hold more light particles, turning previously darker and denser colour waves like red into paler shades of pink and eventually it will become bright white light holding all the colours at once. Every chakra in your body is going through this process of change, becoming rainbow centres – which is fabulous because with all the colours in one centre it means anything is now possible. All limitations are being removed.

Again, it seems that any limiting thoughts we have had that life is ever going to look or feel the same after 2012, is what is really being predicted here. Anything can now happen. 2013 is a gift, what will you do to claim that gift of life and how best could you experience your own life in a gifted year?

Personal Numerology and Colour for 2013

Take the day you were born and month and add it to 2013. For example if you were born on 21 May 1958, ignore the 1958 and do the following calculation 21/05/2013:

2+1+0+5+2+0+1+3 = 14

Then keep adding till you get a single digit

1+4 = 5

Therefore your number to reference for potential lessons and outcomes for 2013 will be 5.

The only time you don’t bring it to a single digit is when you get the double numbers 11, 22 or 33. They are master numbers and stay as double digits for the purpose of this reading.

1:  Time to Shine Your Light

Colour/Planet: Yellow – Colour of intellect, joy, independence and confidence/The Sun – You are the centre of your universe this year

bot1Examine where in the past you have given your power away to states of depression caused by the underlying unexpressed anger you have felt for the longest time and kept your light hidden. Now is the year to shed those tears, throw those tantrums and get it out of your system and return to a state of joy. Get professional or alternative therapies to help you make the release quickly.This year is also an opportunity to look at where you have kept from being loved by being independent in the extreme. If your need forindependence says ‘I can do it all myself and I don’t need you’ putting up a barrier preventing others reaching out to you, you will find yourself alone. Your biggest fear is co-dependency, be careful to not over-analyse potential new romances or relationships because you fear a loss of power and independence. Give it a go, let go and see where the surrendering takes you.

You are never quite going to make friends with your control issues, so instead accept that you are a bit OCD and put that energy to good use by setting specific goals for you to achieve each month in the year. Make the goals attainable, it is no use planning to move overseas, when even if a miracle happened for an opportunity to move overseas, in realistic terms you would need over a year just to sort out paperwork, visas etc. Make the goal setting simple and playful as your inner child would like to know it has something exciting to look forward to. Remember when you were a child and your family would speak for months about the holiday they planned; have the same dialogue with your inner child and reassure it that you have planned some silliness into the programme of your 2013 life experiences. A good year to balance love and fun.

2:  Commitments & Communication

Colour/Planet: Blue – Colour of angels, discipline, action, masculine aspects and protection/The Moon – Your emotional / feeling body will expand this year

bot2If your partner has been waiting for you to pop the question or to take your relationship to a deeper level of commitment, you are warned! This year you may have to start saving up for that ring or start looking for that property investment in which you will both have a share. Your resistance to the whole commitment thing is only because you like the feeling of being a free soul, fluid, or proud that you can’t be pinned down and therefore able to up and leave as the mood presents itself – which all means you avoid hard emotional work when it really matters for the heart! This year look at the resistance you have to deeply connecting and sharing your feelings with others and know that it is safe to express and receive love. It is ok to put down roots and share a surname, a property, a business.

Relationships will be under scrutiny this year in relation to communication. Be very clear about your intentions, say what you mean and mean what you say with love. Always have love as your underlying reason when you feel the need to have ‘those little chats’ about the cleaning,washing or dishes not being done. Competing with each other to have the last say, well that is old energy, the new vibration on the planet encourages us to say only what is felt in the moment as truthfully as we can and to end all chats with a big hug! : )

3:  Physician heal Thyself

Colour/Planet: Coral- Expansion, zero limits, nurturing and self-love/Jupiter – Peaches and Cream

bot3By the peaches and cream theme you already get the feeling that this is going to be a sweet year. You will be getting your peaches, that is guaranteed, you will get the goodies you have longed for and always suspected you richly deserved. If you still limit yourself in any area of your life, you will refuse the cream on offer this year. If you have learned the lessons that it is safe to be visible and to share your knowledge, love and power, well – bring on the cream topping! This is such a powerful year for you, all you have to do is say yes to all of it without reserve. Become a yes-man and ban ‘no’ or ‘maybe’ from your vocabulary. Regain a sense of wildness and adventure and you will find yourself opening up to all sorts of new beginnings.

With relationships you will have the opportunity to heal past issues and patch things up with your family, friends and partners. This does not mean you have to confront them, instead look within yourself and heal from within.Make the changes you desire in others first in your own psyche and then transformation will follow swiftly and deeply,and in the blink of an eye you will be treated by all as the precious, perfect and generous human you really are. A good year to nurture your body and seek nutritional advice for sensitive colons and digestive systems.

4:  Clear the Decks

Colour/Planet:Yellow and Deep Turquoise – Letting go and faith to be in the flow/Uranus – Lightning strikes twice

bot4You are in for an amazing year of transformation and change to your very foundations. What will feel like lighting striking you unexpectedly and before you recover another bolt comes down, all of it will be the sign that God is taking you seriously this time. The affirmations, visions for a brighter future and your desire to manifest more powerfully, those prayers are going to be answered as the universe finds a way to show you where you still need to clear the decks and make space for the abundance to arrive. There is nothing negative you can hang onto any longer, if you try the bolts of light will remove them for you as your soul will intervene in whatever way it deems necessary to enable you to rightly step into your power and claim a brilliant new beginning.

A good year to de-clutter, but not just a surface attempt, you will need to show some real effort in letting go so much of what you have kept around you materially and within yourself (your old beliefs for example). Creating vast caverns of spaces within and without creates a vacuum that can then draw in beautiful new experiences and energies. You can be love. You can be loved. You will be in love. Just allow the change for your highest good and keep your faith, it will be your lifeline this year.

5:  Heartfelt Mission

Colour/Planet: Green – New spaces and new purpose/Mercury – Love communication and love expression

bot5In a 5 green year the challenge of how to manage your space and time tends to be experienced and of course relating to the planet of communication, the way you go about organising your life has to be clearly spoken so that everyone knows your boundaries very clearly. This is going to be a year where your communication skills shift up a gear, in other words, the way you say things and the motivation behind you saying it – that is going to transform. You will notice where you speak from fear, anger, hurt or a need to be noticed, and see the game you have played for the longest time and let it go. Replacing that pattern will be the need to speak from love and only express kind energy behind your words. The thing about words is that they have energy, but what is even more powerful is the intention they originate from.

This is a lucky year for you, enter competitions, try new experiences, read different types of books – deviate from your usual routine and inject your life with something quite different. This may lead you to discover that the purpose you thought you served, is actually something quite different. Relationships are definitely under the radar this year, especially with family. Shift the perspective from how much they irritate you and see them as God/universal energy/faith whatever you believe in having a human experience, are they not playing out their ‘experiences’ perfectly? When you see the games they play, you can step into compassion and let them be, and all your communication with have the hue of love and bring harmony to family units.

6:  Self-love is all you need

Colour/ Planet: Pink- A double dose of pink in 2013/Venus – Men are from Mars and Women from Venus

bot6A personal pink year in a pink year 2+0+1+3 = 6! What an opportunity for powerful changes in your life. This is the year the spotlight is going to be on your money, your mother issues, your female aspect, how you give and receive, and just how much need do you have to be validated by others, especially your partner. The lessons of self-love starts by being honest in how much you need others to love you and give you validation to feel appreciated and valued. Letting the ‘need’, which is an unhealthy hooking-in energy go, and turning towards yourself to give yourself everything you have need of, will set you free and bring you into a space of unconditional self-acceptance and love.

Pink attracts romance, so when you get the validation and need issues sorted out, you increase your internal pink love magnetic power which will attract the most perfect partner. Also be ready to fall in love all over again with the partner you have. This is most definitely a year for romancing each other. Open your heart and allow yourself to feel the vibe of love for yourself, honour yourself that after all you have been through, you are still here and you still have a choice to be in love and that is your true power, knowing that the ability to give and receive love is your power.

7:  A year of Service

Colour/Planet: Turquoise- The future in focus/Neptune – Hidden depths revealed

bot7As so many awaken this year it will seem that they are coming from a deep sleep and their eyes are still blurry and cannot quite see the wood for the trees yet. This is where you step in. Like taking the hand of a blind person you will guide them along the path (you have walked down before) and after a while you will let go of their hand and walk beside them and eventually let them walk ahead as their vision clears and they can see the way forward all by themselves. Then you step back along the path and connect with the next awakened being and repeat. You will learn about spiritual boundaries, being able to say no will be a powerful event because it will challenge everything you know about yourself. Are you really a healer? If so, what did God/universal/faith energy create so wrong that you have to fix it? Could you be an earthguide for others from a place that says all is perfect and it always was?

Working with water related products will help you accelerate your own and other’s transformation and bring to the surface hidden aspects from within your sub-conscious.This year it all rises to the surface, the truth of who you are, why you are here and what you are meant to do with that knowledge. Just as the dragon fly who first lives under the water and when his wings sprout he breaks the surface and leaves his old life behind, at that moment of re-birthyou can never re-enter the murky waters again. Spread your wings, it is your year to fly.

8:  Spiritual Make-Over

Colour/Planet:Violet- Foundations and structure/Saturn – Changing of the old order

Of benefit this year will be to do some past life regression work and a look at the lifetimes you held judgements about money, power and leadership. Those lifetimes when those positions and wealth had you playing with the dark side of power. Did you perhaps review a lifetime and judge it to be so bad that you made a spiritual vow to never come to this planet again and be rich? Or maybe you judged that your power killed others and therefore the vow was to never take up leadership roles just in case you abused it again? Whatever the sacred contracts are, this is the year that the Archangel Metatron can help you release them to their time. Night and day has equal value and we have all played the dark and the light cycles. And really, if you give it enough consideration, wasn’t the playing with the dark side of power the time you learnt and grew the most?

On offer is a life review while still in your body to help you make a radical overhaul of your life, your work and your relationships. This is the year instead of re-acting, you will tend to observe more, noticing the subtler games of life, and some will seem as if it is so dated that it is black and white and the bits that you feel you can participate in will be in full colour. Colour therapy, sound therapy and regressions, these tools will support you this year. Take time to meditate and be on your own for periods of deep reflection. Expect to observe many re-births this year, all is a cycle and everything moves on when time says so.

9:  Preparations for the new cycle

Colour/ Planet:Red and Orange – Passion, energy, fire and creativity/Mars – Surrender

Just like in the cowboy movies, you may as well drop the gun and stick your hands up and await the fate of being arrested or shot! This year you will have to give up the cycle where you think you can bury your angry feelings till a later date and when there is enough buried frustration to erupt a volcano, it bubbles up and you have no control to stop it causing chaos in its wake. What if surrendering your anger has another outcome, what if you are not shot or arrested? What if the sheriff only wants to have a chat with you? Could you let him into your space and honestly tell him what bought to the point of boiling, and in so doing set a new cycle in place where you express your feelings in the moment instead of batting down the hatches to try and cover it?

What a fabulous year to start a new creative project, something you love and that you are passionate about. Spend some time clearing out the old stuff you have had around you for the last 9 years and know that whatever you start this year will be a foundation for the next 9 years. Only take with you into a new cycle what you really want to give your energy to. Being bored is one of your fears, this year you won’t get time for that, so get on your horse and ride like the wind. Anything is possible.

11, 22 & 33: Mastery & Divine Love

Colour/Planet: Magenta, Silver and Rose Pink – Colours of heaven, our hearts and home/The Galaxy

Being in a master number year you may experience the deepest challenges to bring your material and spiritual worlds together. Master numbers tend to test our concept of separation, isolation from others, forgiveness and always pushes the button for one of the biggest patterns we play as humans – I am guilty and therefore need punishment. You will this year feel the need to examine areas of lack in your life, whether it is health, finances, love – can you look at that situation from a different perspective and maybe see that you have caused the lack, and as it causes you stress, pain and suffering you are indeed punishing yourself for something you feel you have done wrong. So what did we do wrong? The first sin was that we were even born! We don’t deserve to be here, we were born in sin, sex is a sin, and so the story goes on since the moment of conception that we are guilty from birth. Spend time examining your life this year, seek out counselling and get to the bottom of the guilt barrel, clear it out, there is no one judging you that you somehow did something wrong. You are the only one judging yourself.

The gifts on offer this year is to claim your divinity. If you are the Divine, then how can you be guilty of anything in the first place? If you are the Divine then can you create all you desire? If you are the Divine you are perfect already and need nothing improved upon. When you are stuck making decisions, call in your Divine self and ask it ‘as Divine supreme being, what would you do’? The more you connect with that Divine energy the higher your vibrational field becomes and the more you will attract only love and respect and gentleness into your space.

Creating a homely atmosphere in your space will give your body the opportunity to feel that is belongs here right now. The feelings of belonging elsewhere in the Galaxy and alienated from this planet and humans, this is the year to shift that. You are so a part of this bit of creation and without you it would not function. Claim your home, claim your space, plant that flag that says you have arrived.

You will feel the need to care for something this year, it could be a friend, children, animals, gardens; allow the caring side of you to be expressed and share the immense love you hold within.

Also refer to the number 2, 4 and 6 for additional insights into 2013.

Photo Credit: David DeHetre Stars via Flickr

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