Self Care Habits

Create Some Non-Negotiable Self Care Habits Into Your Life Today

  1. Notice and be grateful for the things that you have and not what you think is missing and record them in a journal and regularly read them.
  2. Notice the language you use about yourself and change negative self talk into positive words.
  3. Notice where you get annoyed with yourself and forgive yourself.
  4. Notice where you stop others from being there for you and say yes when they offer you support.
  5. Notice how patient you are with others and use patience with yourself.
  6. Notice how busy your life is and diarise a self care day where you give yourself permission to do anything that you want to.
  7. Notice if your life lacks passion and do things that you feel passionate about.
  8. Notice the types of people who are around you. Are they like minded? Do they energise you or leave you feeling flat? Are they emotionally available to you? It’s not personal if they are not like you. Be with people who make you happy.
  9. Notice how you abuse yourself. For example: Is it through your eating habits, lack of physical exercise, being with people who drain you. Nourish yourself in all areas of your life.
  10. Notice where you don’t trust yourself. You are the expert on you so use and trust your inner wisdom and if it feels wrong don’t do it. If it feels right go for it!

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