need a job change

Job change? Yes please…

Being in the same job for a number of years is very comforting, you know the job well, it pays the bills and keeps you in a reasonable lifestyle and then the company announces its going through a restructure and you will have to reapply for your job. For some your existing lifestyle feels threatened with the potential of redundancy. The company is no longer the family existence that you became so loyal to and you’ve realised that the uncomfortable niggly feeling you have in your stomach is fear. Your colleague’s personalities have altered overnight and they’ve become distrustful and angry. You find yourself not sharing about your work with the same passion as you once did and you begin to question. Question. Question…question… Do I stay? Do I go? What’s next? Can I earn the same salary if I did leave? The job will never be the same and will I be happy if I did stay? If I stayed will this happen again? If I re-apply will I get the job?

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