moving forward from pain

Moving Forward From Pain

Working with people on many levels I have been privalaged to sit with clients in their immense pain. For some, their pain had been held onto for many years for others they had only begun to acknowledge and work with.

Fear can hold people in the same place for years. Pain can keep people stuck for fear of experiencing the same pain again, and therefore they will do their upmost to not recreate the same or similar situations. For some resistance is the only way they are able to give time to, to come to terms with trauma, shock and the realness that their life in some capacity has changed, or someone they know, maybe even care about is no longer physically around them.  Questions such as Why did that happen? Why couldn’t it have happened to someone else? How life can abruptly change direction makes life suddenly become about the moment we are in. What moment are you in? And is it your best one yet?


Photo Credit: Susanne NilssonAfter The Rain via Flickr

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