moving on

Moving On

Other horses came closer they knew their friend was no longer with them.

For Glory the passing months have been difficult, she no longer has her friend with her in the field and rips in her coat have appeared.  The hierarchy has somehow altered in the field and Glory has to re-establish herself. She is no longer relaxed and is easily spooked.

I continue to see Glory but not as often. I noticed that when she sees me she looks at me differently, there’s sadness in her eyes and it feels to me that she can’t forget that I was there when Arthur died. I hope in time that Glory will allow me to come close to her again.

For those of you who have worked with horses, you may understand that there is something so powerful, loving and spiritually therapeutic about working with them.

I felt the connection I established and experienced healing Arthur was something very precious and I will not forget how gentle and kind he was with Jessica & Natasha as Arthur allowed them to brush his coat. He was so patient as I stood back and held my breath. I wish on that day I hadn’t doubted him. It became so obvious he loved the attention the children gave him. I felt it kept him young, even if his body eventually told him otherwise.

Photo Credit: Lance Shields Walking It Along via Flickr

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