Painted finger nails and a seven mile hike

Painted finger nails and a seven mile hike

7.30am we were greeted with half a banana. Woopee flippin dee. It’s surprising how slow I could eat this. We then went on to do some exercise followed by breakfast at 9am which was porridge and some fruit. Over the 3 days I lived on 1400 calories per day. I realised that the food that I ate was nutritional and sustainable for the amount of exercise I did. I did not – I was extremely surprised by this did not go hungry. Although my habit of a life-time kicked in at tea-time where I would usually have a desert to finish. Pictures in my mind of chocolate gateau, lemon cheesecake mm lovely and yes non-existent. No desserts this weekend. I still didn’t go hungry. I loved the fresh air, wet grass, avoiding cow pats and being muddy. Regardless of how messy I looked I had my nicely painted finger nails. (Yes, I would go swimming with shiny lipstick on too! Some habits I refuse to break).

After a full day we finished off with a 7 mile hike. It is at this point I didn’t know whether my legs would move forward. They somehow felt that they had become disconnected from the rest of my body and moved one step at a time. I haven’t mentioned the weather. It was cool and sunny. The weather really does help.

I took with me various types of pain-killers I used at the end of each day. I have to say freeze spray is the best investment. Although it did not help me climb the stairs, it gently numbed the pain somehow. Saturday’s sleep was minimal as every time I moved there was not a bit of me that did not ache. Self-talk is a wonderful tool. I kept saying, sod it, just do it, I’m only here for 3 days not 6. I will do it and remain alive! I eventually fell asleep. End of day 2.

Photo Credit: Mark Vegas nail laquer via Flickr

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