putting myself first

Putting Myself First

Recently I decided at long last I would finally put myself first. To those that are close to me who have been exasperated at the times I have pushed myself so much it has been to my own detriment. They can continue to breathe, because if they had held their breath they would have been long gone! You may be able to relate to this?

Putting myself first.. usually said at the start of a new year! With all the gusto and best of intentions.. This is going to be the year! Yes goal setting. Yes eating healthily.   Yes gym. Yes you may have a similar list!  The biggest lesson is balance and choice. Choosing when to take a break. Choosing who to spend time with. Choosing to value my time. Diaries really come in useful here..not to look at.. yes to use & yes to record and yes to take action.

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