Still breathing after the Olympic Games

Still breathing after the Olympic Games

Sunday greet was, yes, half a banana at 7.30, exercise and a porridge breakfast at 9am, followed by a full day of activity including the Olympic Games!

Now there are some things in life that we have to face and when it comes to exercise I don’t class myself as a gold winner however I’m a trier! And the competitiveness with me that had been hidden suddenly extended out to I have to be in the winning team and the mere thought of another team beating the team I’m in cannot possibly happen :-) I like to pride myself on being a team player!

One of the trials was in pairs where we had to hold a strap with 2 car tyres on and you pulled them half way up the field return back and pass to the next pair. This may sound straightforward. Considerations are we are in a field which naturally isn’t flat it’s a little bumpy and we are going up the field i.e. slight hill no I mean slight slope. There’s a technique I discovered and its called run like you’ve never ran before and pretend the tyres are very light, shout like crazy when you decide to turn back and win. This was the only way I could do this. We gained pace and helped our team to win. I feel I’ve hit the jackpot. I’m still breathing, tired and in pain and refusing to entertain either.

Tug of war was also included. This isn’t the most lady-like of activities and being tall and heavy boned something I’ve been told most of my life – I’m at the end of the rope. The rope is not light or thin and would usually be found hanging out of a helicopter. Get the idea! This task was done a number of times. At one point I fell backwards and was on the grass still holding onto the rope and refusing to let go. I couldn’t get back up without letting go. Letting go was not an option! The instructor lifted me back up onto my legs. I’d like to add the instructor lifted me up as if I was petite and a size 10. This amused me for a second or two as I’m not petite I’m 5ft 10 and I arrived here as a size 14.

The activities continued with variety. The instructors were supportive and collective knowledge was astounding. Coming to the end of my grueling weekend filled me with relief I’ve done the “just do it” and I’m still breathing!


If you’ve struggled with pain management for a very long time, like I have, I would recommend a 3 day boot camp to feel more pain.  It’s great to push yourself further.

Recommendations to survive and enjoy is to have a hot shower at lunch-time to warm and relax the muscles. Use freeze spray and Ibruprofen – great combination with some hydration sachets to support water levels.

What I learnt … stretching exercises before and after exercise is the key to managing pain. I’m managing pain exceptionally well now. In fact my relationship with pain is no longer detached I lovingly accept it. Mm progress.

Portion sizes.. do you really need to eat all of that?

And finally give up your story …

As quoted by one of the instructors, the “mind will give up before the body”

And I’d like to add … limitations what are they?

Hillmotts Boot Camp Peak District Inspirational experience.

Craig, Doug, Luke Thank-you you know your stuff!



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