The spirit of four legged hooves

The spirit of four legged hooves

Much to my amusement I seem to have a talent in communicating with horses!

The names have been changed with respect to the owner.

I met Arthur & Glory 12 months ago. They were stabled next door to one another. I was first introduced to Glory. She’s a mare in every sense of the word. A diva and a sensitive one at that. She shakes her mane as she attempts to gain the attention of the males in the livery yard.

I stood back and observed she eagerly tells me she is beautiful and loved by everyone and how they all look up to her. I hadn’t come across such confidence with a mare before. However Glory may think she’s a lady however I soon discovered she had a very unladylike problem…wind.

She continues to tell me how she loves attention. I relayed this to the owner who agreed. I gave Glory some healing; though she was too busy swaying her head.

I then moved next door…

I greeted Arthur a white male pony I would describe as looking like a circus pony. He’s handsome.

He proceeded to complain about Glory…How much she always wants the attention. And complained about me and the fact that I had gone to her first. I attempted to give Arthur some healing he was having none of it! As I stroked his face he pushed me away and did a 90 degree turn. I found myself facing his rear! There’s nothing like a welcome. He taught me that I was to first introduce myself to both of them. Reframe go to Arthur first!

The relationship between Arthur and Glory was solid, best described as an old married couple. Arthur tutting and complaining at Glory’s flamboyant behaviour and Glory completely ignoring him.

Photo Credit: Firelizard5 Wild Horses via Flickr

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