They were a team! I felt they were soul mates. They had spent over 20 years together…

Arthur would look out for Glory in the field making sure she was kept safe.. Glory had a habit off putting her hooves right in it and would wind up the other horses, totally oblivious to their responses & Arthur would save her somehow.

As time went on I felt I had gained an understanding. I soon learnt that I would have to see Arthur first. He told me that he lets Glory believe she was the boss, but there was only one boss and that was him!

I felt there was a grumpy old man within Arthur but underneath that a heart of gold and a very proud pony. His legs you see were feeling a little arthritic and he was struggling to come to terms that he was finding it challenging to jump the fences the way he used to do.

As the months passed Arthur continued to enjoy the healing received by his owner and myself, although it became obvious that Arthur was in some considerable discomfort.

It became increasingly difficult for him to walk.

To the point that one day he was unable to come out of his stable. It was difficult and distressing to see. Time passed and there was no change. The vet was consulted.

And a very difficult decision was made.

Arthur was moved to a beautiful grassy area under a large oak tree. He helped himself to the lush grass beneath him. Then we waited.

Glory was moved to a field nearby.

It was a beautiful sunny day.

Arthur was put to sleep with dignity. As he drifted off he lay on the grass I bought Glory closer to Arthur. Her soul mate. Glory’s mouth was shaking. I placed my hands on Glory as I tried to comfort her. I looked at the owner and felt that something had died within her too.

Photo Credit: Gerriet Shire horses on Juist via Flickr

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