10 Hints and Tips To Deal With Your Anger

Top 10 Hints and Tips To Deal With Your Anger

It’s normal at times to feel angry. Anger can be a positive emotion too and can fire your energy up to do things in your life.

  1. Begin to recognise who and what makes you angry.
  2. Is the anger you feel really angry or is it hiding guilt or depression?
  3. Consider how anger and joy were expressed in your family
  4. Notice what triggers your anger? For example unfairness? Injustice?
  5. If your anger feelings were related to the past. Take time to notice where your feelings in the past were not recognised or hurts that were unmentioned.
  6. Recognise where in your body do you feel the anger? Is it in your throat? Your stomach? Your head?
  7. Anger begins with a thought. Begin to recognise the thoughts that are entering your mind as the feeling off anger takes over.
  8. Practice being open regarding your feelings with members of your family and equally allow them to express their anger without judgement.
  9. If you find it difficult to express your feelings. Start by writing a letter, and address the letter to the person/people who have triggered the anger in you. Start by writing down phrases that are powerful such as I hate you for… I resent you for…. Once you have written the letter read it out as if the person/people are in front of you not saying anything other than listening to you.  Read out the letter as if you are saying it to them. Feel the anger emerge. Release it.
  10. If you feel it is difficult to get connected with your anger then maybe you are not ready to let it go just yet.

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