10 Hints and Tips To Let Go of Worry

Top 10 Hints and Tips To Let Go of Worry

  1. Firstly notice, recognise and acknowledge when you worry.
  2. Notice how you feel when you have a worry.
  3. Does worrying effect your physical being? Is your heart racing? Is your stomach tightening?
  4. Observe your worrys with interest.
  5. Imagine standing back and being the observer. Don’t react or judge just observe with interest.
  6. They are thoughts not facts and create a stress.
  7. Practice letting go by visualising putting a stop sign in your head.
  8. Monitor yourself daily, take note when you experience a worry then see it disappearing
  9. Remember worrying is never useful.
  10. Get out of the habit or worrying as the saying goes a lot of what you worry about never happens. Get out of the head and focus on your physical body whether that’ going outside to get some fresh air, going for a walk, or doing something around the house or simply relaxing and focusing on your breathing.

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