what motivates you to just do it?

What motivates you to ‘just do it’?

Starting when I clicked on the button to accept, I paid the money and read the detail later. I knew that there was some physical risk to me by going, but nonetheless I was going. Best case scenario I would survive! I packed up my things including a bright pink t-shirt with the logo of “Just do it” and drove to the Peak District where I had signed up for a 3 day boot camp.As the realisation of my madness sunk in as I looked at the schedule. I kept thinking one step at a time and the only person I’m in competition with is myself. My stomach was doing regular flips. I signed in with the instructor who I had heard him saying we are going for a 27 mile run first.27 mile run, I’m sure that’s more than a marathon! I could not remember when I had done 1 mile run, and that seemed such a long time ago. The instructor laughed loudly and corrected us 0.7mile. Halle-flippin-lujah! I put my bags into my room and thought to myself “bring it on”.33 of us lined up outside and with not a great deal of enthusiasm initially shouted out in chronological order a number. When it came to me I shouted so loud that my jaw ached. Funny I can laugh at myself!The ran began what the hell was I doing, Just do it Stella keep going. Subconsciously I started to speed up when I saw the instructor waiting for us at the corner. It was then automatic to slow down after I passed him and thought he couldn’t see me. You understand this! His booming voice “I know what you are doing”. Expletives under my breath remember I’m in competition with myself and I under no circumstances could fail myself. I had to do what I needed to do.The assessment understandable was their way of gauging our fitness levels. Imagination is a great thing and I pictured myself patting myself on my back. One down and more to come…

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